Interior Design


The place where you work needs to be compatible according to your personality because it imposes a great impact on the way you work. The place of work does not only affect your ability to focus on the work but it also affects your overall ability to be creative and productive.

Whether you work in a company or at your home, the design of your workplace plays an important part in your work productivity. The reason of having a suitable design is that it helps you get things done in a better and productive way. Most of the office interior designers in Bangalore admit that creativity and productivity are interconnected with the workplace environment.

Different studies on workplace and creativity have revealed that physical environment has a lot to do in determining an employee’s ability to focus. In fact, it is also said that you can simply increase your productivity up to 20% with a well-designed office.

Now that you’ve come to know the importance of physical environment it’s time for you to make some significant changes in your workplace that may help you become more productive.

Here are some of the useful tips and ideas that you can use to make some changes in your workplace:


People usually overlook this factor and do not invest more on it because they do not know that it is a great source of keeping you focused and it also makes you feel inspired to create more. Bad lighting can cause headaches, eyestrain, fatigue and overall irritability. The employee may suffer from depression due to dark spaces.

You do not have any control over your general lighting in a company office so it’s better if you bring your own in case of any need. Consider using a light therapy device or natural light bulbs.

When working at home you can enjoy the natural light by opening the doors and windows. You can also use various kinds lamps in different areas during the dark or for cloudy days.

Invest in a great chair

Your office chair is your great companion for you as you spend hours working on it. A comfortable, ergonomically correct and beautiful chair is worth every dime. Having a comfortable chair also helps you remain stable. It also protects you from issues that you may have to face as you grow old because a bad quality chair weakens your bones while a good one can keep you healthy in the long run.

Paint the walls with your favorite color

Forget “office beige”: you need a color that is suitable for your mood and makes you more productive while keeping you focused on work. Some people prefer having a calming shade like sea foam blue or botanical green to perform. Others choose the bright, cheery color like lime green or orange.

It totally depends on your personal preferences that which color will work better for your mood.

We hope that having these things in mind will help you make the environment of your office more productive.